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UW-L reopens investigation into sexual misconduct after student’s Facebook post

Drew Kelly



An investigation has been reopened into allegations from a University of Wisconsin-La Crosse student, over a professor’s alleged sexual misconduct.

The student posted her story on Facebook earlier this week, concerned that the school had not done enough after concluding no policy was broken.

She wrote that the professor offered to give her drawing lessons but, instead, led her to a small paper room and locked the door behind him.

He asked her to pose for him, took off her sweater and tried to lift up her shirt while commenting about her body.

She said the incident happened when she was a freshman and she had reported it before the school year ended last spring.

She stated she wasn’t given updates or the conclusion to the investigation.

The university it’s reopening the investigation due to “new information coming to light.”

The post has been shared more than 1,000 times, and multiple people commented sharing similar experiences with the individual.