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Current flood continues to set records in La Crosse

Brad Williams



In the Bible, a great flood lasted for 40 days. 

Now, the weather service in La Crosse says this year’s flood of the Mississippi also lasted exactly 40 days…plus 20 hours. 

That’s how long the river was continuously at the 12-foot flood stage or higher beginning on March 26th. 

The river crested three separate times during those 40 days, before the water dropped below 12 feet on May 6th. 

The previous record for flooding in La Crosse was 30 days in a row above 12 feet, during the 2001 flood. 

This year even beats some marks set during the record flood of 1965…for the highest-ever average river stage for the month of April, and the most consecutive days at 10 feet or higher. 

That’s now up to 76 days and counting. 

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