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Newest online scam mimics hotel website you’re booking



The newest online scam deals with fraudulent hotel booking.

The websites look like the regular hotel you’re trying to book. The only difference is you pay the scammers and get nothing in return except the sinking feeling you’ve been swindled.

Key things to be wary of when booking online, according to the Wisconsin attorney general’s office:

  • Website addresses that look fishy. Sites that redirect you for payment.
  • Offers that are too good to be true. 
  • Reviews that seem just a little too positive because nobody likes their hotel experience that much.

According to the attorney general’s office: “Scammers create fraudulent websites and design them to imitate the hotel’s actual website, often using the hotel’s pictures and graphics. Consumers visit these fake websites and book a hotel room thinking they’ve booked their reservation directly through the hotel. Unfortunately, many victims don’t find out they’ve been scammed until it is too late.”

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