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MNSure enrollments similar to previous years



Despite the Trump administration’s best efforts to kill the Affordable Care Act, the Minnesota state health care exchange is still signing up solid numbers — at least compared to previous years.

In Minnesota, the state run health exchange, MNSure, announced enrollment of 113,000 on private insurance plans through its website by the first enrollment deadline — about the same as the last two years. And, tens of thousands more have signed up for MinnesotaCare and Medical Assistance on MNSure.  

The private insurance plans have decreased in price for 2019 from 7 to 27 percent.  

No matter what successes MNSure claims, Minnesota’s state health care exchange will continue to have its critics.

Critics like state rep. Greg Davids (R-Preston). He’s never been a fan of MNSure.

“This has been the biggest waste of money in Minnesota history,” Davids said. “It’s been over $500 million for something the private sector did for 100 years at no cost at all.”

Minnesotans can still get insurance by Feb. 1 if they enroll by Jan. 1.

States without their own exchange don’t have an additional enrollment period, which just passed.

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