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Walker softens up public for bill signings; Billings critical



Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he has a “straightforward criteria” for determining whether he’ll sign bills passed in that extraordinary lame-duck session of the legislature last week.

It all sounds pretty straightforward, too.

In a lengthy Facebook post Tuesday (read all 444 words at bottom of this article and a fact check of that post here), Walker said his criteria includes whether the bills increase transparency, accountability, stability in government and protect taxpayers.

Before Walker said anything about that, however, he made sure to begin, “Let’s set the record straight – the new governor will still have some of the strongest powers of any governor in the nation if these bills become law.”

Among those not buying Walker’s rant, is La Crosse Democratic state Rep. Jill Billings.

“I think most of us can really see through this, that this is an attempt to undermine the will of the people,” Billings said. “When I hear from people when I’m out shopping … and that type of thing … people saying, ‘Well, why are the rules changing now.”

Billings added that the legislation passed quickly, without public hearing and in the dark of the night by Republican majorities are a transparent way to undermine the will of voters who chose Democrat Tony Evers over Walker in last month’s election.

She believes the move is just a cynical grab for power from Evers and incoming Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul.

“It’s kind of hard from me to believe you just discovered the federalist papers the day after the election,” Billings said, “or suddenly became concerned about co-equal branches of the government, the day after the election.”

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