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Walker says he’s not speaking out of ‘decency’



MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Gov. Scott Walker says he hasn’t spoken with the media since his election defeat out of “decency.”

Walker posted on Facebook Wednesday that “the decent thing to do is to let Governor-elect Tony Evers have his time to talk about his transition.”

Walker has posted messages on Twitter since his loss, but his office has not responded to numerous questions over the past week, including issues facing the Legislature in an upcoming lame duck session.

Walker says he has spoken with Evers, his staff and Cabinet, attended a memorial service for a longtime Milwaukee community leader, attended the Packers game and helped his mother move into a new apartment.

Walker says he will speak to reporters “at some point in the future” but for now it’s “only decent to let Governor-elect Evers have a week without me filling the airwaves.”

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