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La Crosse County working on ways to keep bail-jumpers out of jail

Brad WilliamsApril 14, 2019

“Judge will hear some of this,” La Crosse DA says, after mother posts how choir director sexually assaulted 14-year-old daughter

Rick SolemApril 2, 2019

County committee now holding regular discussions about ‘white identity’

Brad WilliamsFebruary 19, 2019

Felonies in La Crosse County pass 1,200 for second consecutive year

Brad WilliamsDecember 20, 2018

La Crosse DA says rape kit backlog hasn’t affected county cases

Brad WilliamsNovember 15, 2018

Community conversation focuses on number of mentally ill jailed in La Crosse County

Drew KellyOctober 18, 2018

Number of felonies in La Crosse County slightly ahead of last year’s rate, way ahead from 3 years ago

Brad WilliamsOctober 12, 2018
Local News

La Crosse DA agrees of rise in gun crimes but disputes police argument in lenient treatment

Brad WilliamsOctober 8, 2018
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La Crosse County making plans for legalizing marijuana referendum

Brad WilliamsJune 22, 2018
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Supreme Court rules sex offender can be tried as adult for crime committed at age 9

Brad WilliamsMay 21, 2018
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La Crosse DA discusses repeat offenders

Brad WilliamsApril 16, 2018
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La Crosse County to study how judges should set bonds

Brad WilliamsMarch 22, 2018
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La Crosse DA in favor of bill further staffing prosecutor’s offices

Drew KellyFebruary 26, 2018
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Drugs to blame as La Crosse County surpasses 1,000 felonies

Brad WilliamsOctober 31, 2017
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WATCH: Dash cam footage of the La Crosse police shooting death

Mitch ReynoldsSeptember 11, 2017