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Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz says Democratic governors to meet Wednesday over Biden concerns, after debate struggle



FILE - Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (right) checking out flooding across the state. (PHOTO: @GovTimWalz on Facebook)

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz and Democratic governors across the country will meet with the White House today, following President Joe Biden’s lackluster debate last week and what that means for the 2024 election and down-ballot races.

Walz, chair of the Democratic Governors Association, said a routine conversation Monday between governors turned to “what was obviously a poor performance in last Thursday’s debate.”

He said governors were asking about a plan, messaging.

“Especially with yesterday’s Supreme Court decision,” Walz said Tuesday following a briefing about ongoing flooding in the state. “The threat seems very real that we will have a shift in how our country does business, more towards a supreme executive and one that has unlimited power, versus ones where we have federalism and state governors have a lot of say in how things are done.”

Walz did say he still believes Biden should be the party’s nominee and can beat former President Donald Trump but other Democrats are questioning that thinking.

The meeting today will allow governors to talk about “some of the concerns we talked about,” Walz said, adding that he’s also struggled in debates but, “How does that impact how the country runs?”

“How does that impact what an election looks like?” he continued. “It’s about the differences and the binary choice that we’re going to face in November, how important that is.”

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