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La Crosse-area Reps. Pfaff, Billings sign Wisconsin shared revenue bill



The long-awaited shared revenue bill passed the Wisconsin Assembly and Senate on Wednesday.


The bill passed the Senate on a 21-12 vote. State Sen. Brad Pfaff, of Onalaska, was one of six Democrats to sign the ball, while seven Republicans voted against it.

It would not have passed without bipartisan support in the chamber.

“The state has not lived up to its end of the bargain with local governments,” Pfaff said, in a statement. “This bill is a step in the right direction.”

In the Assembly, the bill passed 68-26. Assembly Rep. Jill Billings voted for the bill, but didn’t sound ecstatic about the deal.

“Like every compromise, (Assembly Bill 245) is not perfect,” Billings said in a statement. “However, this bill reflects the reality of divided government.”


The bill will increase funding for cities like La Crosse by 20%, while some smaller towns and villages will see an increase in funding by over 200%.

La Crosse will see an added $1.8 million, on top of its existing county and municipal aid of $9 million.

The city of Onalaska will see an 89.5% increase of $458,979, added to its already $512,803 in aid.

After La Crosse, the Town of Campbell saw the second-lowest increase in funding at 32.9% or $101,700, added to its existing $309,309 in aid.

Here’s a look at funding increases across the La Crosse-area district.

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