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Adding a little Twinkle, Twine and Art on Market Street in La Crosse



When her business partner’s husband got a job on the West Coast, Tracy Endrizzi found herself owning two businesses in La Crosse — a sassy and snarky gift shop, plus her original art studio for people to make customized gifts and art.

Those businesses: Twinkle & Twine Design and artPOP.

On this episode of BizNews Greater La Crosse, news from the business community, you’ll learn how Endrizzi and her partner previously kept reworking how their businesses went together in two small spaces — both knowing something unique was there with the two operating jointly.

BizNews Greater La Crosse can be found on the WIZM website here, or search BizNews on Spotify. New episodes come out Fridays.

On top of that, the addition during the pandemic to incorporate Tracy Endrizzi’s husband, Joe, doing glassblowing in preparation for retirement.

But the store’s approach to its place in a quiet neighborhood makes it unique.

Hear how Tracy Endrizzi successfully created a “third place” that recaptures the feel of friends and neighbors having a place to come together and connect.

You’ll hear:

  • How she bought a building with no vision yet
  • Worked with the city to adapt it
  • Changed her business model several times
  • Unexpectedly bought her partner’s business
  • Learned about the cost of buying the wrong products, profit margins and other challenges in retail
  • Connects the community
  • Finds inspiration
  • Helps local businesses

All out of about 600 square feet on 16th & Market streets in La Crosse.

By Vicki Markussen

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