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BIZCAST: La Crosse publishers Aubrey, McFarland release new series to help engage in local government



The three-part Demystifying City Governments series, from Ope! Publishing. (PHOTO: @OpePublishing on Facebook)

Roxanne Aubrey and Rachel McFarland of Ope! Publishing join BizCast Greater La Crosse host Vicki Markussen to talk about their newest in a series of publications, this one called Demystifying City Governments, which began its release Thursday.

BizCast Greater La Crosse can be found on the WIZM website here, or search BizCast wherever you download podcasts. New episodes come out Fridays.

The Ope! Publishing owners started about two years ago, putting out small magazines named zines. Their newest, three-part series tries to help people engage with their government.

Aubrey and McFarland sat down with host Vicki Markussen to talk about how they hope to grow these self-published booklets.

The first in the series is called “Getting a project proposal in front of Council for a vote,” while the second is called “Direct legislation: The way to get questions and/or new laws proposed.”

To find the Demystifying City Governments zines, click here.

They also stated on the website the zines can be found at: 608 Brewing Co., Another Green World, Art Pop, Blue Bird Bakery, Bodega, Clocks of Main , Dan’s Shoe Repair, FJ Robers Library on French Island, Global Grounds, Gold Heart Tatoo, Grounded, Hope Restores, J’s Café, Kroners, Larson’s General, Main Library, Pearl Street Books, Pearl Street Brewery, Peoples Food Co-op, Planted Parenthood, REACH Center, Riviera Salon, Root Note, Turtle Stack, Wrench and Roll Bike Shop, as well as the high schools and UW-La Crosse.

Next week, BizCast features what the building industry is doing to attract high school students. The La Crosse Area Builders Association discusses Build My Future, happening at the OmniCenter in a few weeks.

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