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BIZCAST: La Crosse County gives you money to tear down buildings



Sam Bachmeier, Community & Economic Development Specialist with La Crosse County joins BizCast Greater La Crosse with host Vicki Markussen.

BizCast Greater La Crosse can be found on the WIZM website here, or search BizCast wherever you download podcasts. New episodes come out Fridays.

Bachmeier is in charge of helping businesses and communities grow through programs. 

The county’s newest program is an acquisition and demolition grant that will pay you money to tear down a building, and use funds to pay for part of the rebuilding, as long as it contains a residential component.

Programs include funds for microloans that may cover gaps in financing to get your business going, money available if you are adding jobs, and funds if you want to take your businesses into expanded hours, offer new products and other expansion efforts. 

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