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BIZCAST: Chris Roderique doing more than just bringing back the buffet at Piggy’s in La Crosse



Chris Roderique, the owner of Piggy’s Restaurant and Lounge, as well as a Uno Venti, in La Crosse, sits down for a conversation on BizCast Greater La Crosse with Vicki Markussen.

The BizCast podcast can be found on the WIZM website here, or search BizCast wherever you download podcasts.

The restaurant opened its lunch buffet for the first time since the pandemic.

Roderique talks about how the drop in business travelers and remote workforce impacted his decision.

Plus, Roderique is helping an entrepreneur inside Piggy’s and has put his building, not his businesses, on the market. As part of adapting, Roderique is offering a chef the use of his upper restaurant on Sundays.

SAGRA Food and Wine offers rustic Italian dishes on Sundays.

This partnership helps owner Mitch Weber learn the operations side of making great food at a restaurant. 

In putting the building up for sale, Roderique says Piggy’s and Uno Venti are willing to tenant to anyone wanting to purchase the historic building.

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