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LISTEN: La Crosse Schools superintendent Engel on referendum aftermath, school funding, snow days



La Crosse School District superintendent, Dr. Aaron Engel, for La Crosse Talk PM, discussing Tuesday everything from snow days to where they go now that the $194.7 million referendum question didn’t pass.

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With the bad weather, we began the show with how the district determines a snow day and whether schools even need them anymore, due to remote learning.

Spent the second half of the show (23:00) going over the aftermath of the community voting down the $194.7 million question to build a new high school on the south side, and where the district — and when — goes from there.

Before that, however, we discussed a lack of state funding that affects every other aspect of the school district. Also talked about school lunch debt, about five months after Congress let the federal program that funded students breakfasts and lunches die.

Also, in there, we hit on some of the programs La Crosse does with apprenticeships that perhaps weren’t a thing back when their parents were in school.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Carol

    November 30, 2022 at 8:09 am

    Unions should keep there $ out of politics. Cheating in elections.should be stopped. Our wonderful!!! technology should not let this happen.voting should be done on paper ballots and hand counted..we never Have had to wait for days and months to find out who won!!??
    I predicted technology would ruin the world. Looks what happened? welcome to China. You educated idiots.

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