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Leaf collection in La Crosse begins Oct. 24, city asks to abide by alt-side parking rules



If you don’t have any weekend plans, the city of La Crosse just gave you a chore.

Leaf collection in the city of La Crosse begins on Oct. 24, so get those piles to the curb this weekend.

While the collection goes on through Nov. 18, the city is asking residents to abide by the old alternate-side parking rules, which were changed back in August. The old rules were to park on the odd side of the street on odd days (so, after midnight) and even side on even days.

Five teams will cover different sections of the city, assist the other crews when sections are finished, then run another sweep.

Here are placement guidelines to assist with collection:

  • During leaf collection, place leaves on the boulevard and not into the street, gutter, or over catch basins. Leaves placed in the street may restrict or plug storm drains in your area. For ordinance information see the City Municipal Code related to yard waste.
  • Do not pile leaves around trees, poles, or behind parked cars.
  • Collection will not coincide with your garbage/recycling collection schedule.
  • Leaves mixed with brush, any other materials, or covered will not be collected.
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