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Pfaff moves on in Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District, will face Van Orden



Brad Pfaff is moving on to represent Democrats in the 3rd Congressional District.

With 99% of the voting complete, Pfaff had 39% of the vote, with Rebecca Cooke coming in second at 31.1%. Deb McGrath had 19.1% and Mark Neumann was at 10.8%.

Pfaff, who will join La Crosse Talk PM at 5:07 p.m. on Wednesday, had an election watch party at the Bodega in downtown La Crosse, where he eventually was able to celebrate the win.

“Make no mistake, this election will be one of the most important of our lifetime,” Pfaff said in a statement, adding, “I look forward to working to earn your vote as we talk about the real issues facing hardworking Wisconsin families. Unlike my opponent, your voice and those across western and central Wisconsin will always be my top priority.”

Pfaff, a Wisconsin state Senator, moves on to face Republican Derrick Van Orden in the November election. Van Orden ran unopposed in the GOP primary.

In a statement Van Orden thanked supporters, but both candidates also immediately went after each other.

“My opponent Brad Pfaff has never had a job outside of politics and enthusiastically supports President (Joe) Biden and (Nancy) Pelosi’s radical policies and spending that are destroying America in real time,” Van Orden stated. “Wisconsinites have had enough. They want new leadership, someone who is not a career politician and will be a strong leader in these hard times.”

On the flip side, Pfaff didn’t mince words, either.

“Derrick presents a clear and present danger to democracy and has proven time and time again that he lacks the temperament, character, or the judgment to be in Congress,” Pfaff continued. “Whether it was participating in the Capitol insurrection on January 6th, being placed on probation for taking a loaded gun into an airport, bragging about sexually harassing two female officers or berating a teenaged librarian aide because of a Gay Pride book display, Derrick is quite simply unfit to serve in Congress.”

CandidateTotal Votes% Votes
Brad Pfaff (D)23,98839.0%
Rebecca Cooke (D)19,17231.1%
Deb McGrath (D)11,76319.1%
Mark Neumann (D)6,65610.8%

The US House seat is an open one, after Rep. Ron Kind announced he was leaving last year, after 13 terms.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Nick

    August 10, 2022 at 8:58 am

    Pfaff was supported by Ron Kind. A person who never wavered in his support of ruinous policies by Biden.
    The world is getting more and more dangerous every day and we have a person who will vote the party line and continue the ruinous policies.
    Quite frankly, he does NOT HAVE A CLUE.
    China has for a long time tried to infiltrate the Fed, they steal intellectual property every opportunity, they harass Chinese Americans using our systems. Putin admires Stalin and Catharine the Great.
    South America is going the way of dictators .,
    What do we worry about- what pronouns are used in schools. The teaching of the 1619 project that has been ridiculed by most historians.
    We do not worry except for the poor caught up in the destruction of public schools by the unions.
    What we get is a clown on the Democratic side and someone on the Republican who turns my stomach.
    We need a lot more John McCains, Joe Manchin’s and Krysten Sinemay’s.
    We would be in a lot worse shape if it were not for Manchin and Sinema.
    Care to take me on?

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