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Minnesota Gov. Walz maintains big money advantage in election campaign



FILE PHOTO: Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Gov. Tim Walz is maintaining a strong financial advantage over the endorsed Republican candidate, Dr. Scott Jensen, for the fall election campaign.

The Walz campaign announced Tuesday that it has raised $1.8 million since Jan. 1 and has $4.5 million in cash on hand. The campaign said that bankroll is a record for a Minnesota gubernatorial campaign at this point in the election cycle.

The Jensen campaign announced Wednesday that it has raised $472,000 since January and has $660,000 left in the bank, after raising nearly $1.7 million since entering the race in March 2021. His war chest is down from the $774,000 he had in cash on hand as of March 31.

But Jensen spent heavily in his campaign to secure the GOP endorsement, which went to nine ballots at the party’s state convention last month. Walz faced no opposition for his party’s backing for a second term.

Jensen, a family physician from Chaska, built his campaign on vaccine skepticism and his opposition to the Walz administration’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. But going forward, Jensen has signaled he intends to stress public safety, taxes, inflation and education.

In announcing its latest fundraising numbers, the Walz campaign said its supporters were mobilizing to defend abortion rights in Minnesota ahead of the anticipated U.S. Supreme Court decision on the issue. It’s also stressing education, public safety and economic opportunity.

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  1. Moses Ayom

    June 18, 2022 at 3:58 pm

    Honorable Governor Time Walz,Honorable Peggy and all State Minnesota members,my sencere greeting to you.i was living in UGM in Saint Paul MN,I am very happy about the safe place with the foods you give us,thank you for your generousit.Now I am staying in Worthington Minnesota,I got hired in JBS Worthington,but I am not believe that I will succeed to be qualify on the job.on Tuesday 6/14/22,some one kick me on my foot behind,I reported to human resource,again on 6/16/22,we were on tour,we went to house hospital,college and some areas where there are apartments and banks,on tour they kicked and trip my feet.
    There is no safety in the state or the entire United States,the Republican FBI mobilized me in 2008,the guys got hurt and bad politic became in South Sudan Communities,now they want this mobilization to be the same 2008,They are imitating Garang Ateny’s songs,to make civil war in America.
    Many people complaining about magic which hit them,while they see South Sudan North Sudan,and their customer Republic,this problems suppose to be solved by the government,I can not indicated an area of magic which I am not sure,people lose their lives for some areas which are
    not sure. trust have to begin with in your two party.

  2. Richard Lepsch

    June 19, 2022 at 6:32 am

    Seems a lot of people want to continue with the thugs and goons he supported that destroyed business while he sat back and did nothing, you get the crime and corruption democrats always bring with them…wake up people before its to late.

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