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Seven new county board seats in La Crosse — three incumbents defeated; School board president among three elected



City of La Crosse district 9 polling place for the April 5, 2022, elections.

As predicted, about a 29% turnout in La Crosse County’s elections on Tuesday.

The La Crosse County referendum on clean water passed with 83.36% of the vote (16,304-2,576).

The question on the ballot stated: “Should the State of Wisconsin establish a right to clean water to protect human health, the environment, and the diverse cultural and natural heritage of Wisconsin?”

Seven new La Crosse County supervisors elected in all, where there were 19 contested races for those 30 board seats. Three won in districts where the incumbent is retiring. A fourth is in the new 30th district that was created after redistricting.

Three county board incumbents were defeated — David Pierce beat Barb Janssen, Ken Schlimgen defeated Tom Jacobs by nine votes, and Rob Abraham unseated Vicki Burke.

Another close race had Jack Pogreba keeping his seat by eight votes over former supervisor, and former Onalaska mayor, Mike Giese.

La Crosse County clerk, Ginny Dankmeyer, Monday on La Crosse Talk PM predicted a 30% turnout.

Here’s how the contested races turned out:

  • DISTRICT 1: Joe Konradt def. Pelli Lee 265-168
  • DISTRICT 2: Ralph Geary def. Tracy Littlejohn 234-198
  • DISTRICT 3: David Pierce def. Barb Jansen 144-108
  • DISTRICT 5: Grant Mathu def. Megan Pauley 100-74
  • DISTRICT 7: Gary Padesky def. Sharon Hampson 650-405
  • DISTRICT 9: Wacek def. Woodard 248-121
  • DISTRICT 10: Kim Cable def. Richard Korish 402-191
  • DISTRICT 15: Monica Kruse def. Heidi Worminghaus 330-233
  • DISTRICT 20: Steve Doyle def. Jordan Briskey 467-269
  • DISTRICT 21: Rob Abrham def. Vicki Burke 463-408
  • DISTRICT 22: Pam Viner def. Sandy Turner 396-236
  • DISTRICT 24: Kevin Hoyer def. Kristie Tweed 481-455
  • DISTRICT 25: Dennis Jacobsen def. Betty Sacia 609-369
  • DISTRICT 26: David Hundt def. Troy Gunderson 461-338
  • DISTRICT 28: Karen Kell def. Guy Valiquette 517-307
  • DISTRICT 29: Ken Schlimgen def. Tom Jacobs 441-432
  • DISTRICT 30: Dillon Mader def. Dustin Frost 638-491

In the La Crosse School Board race, six candidates were on the ballot for three seats.

School Board president Juan Jimenez, along with Katie Berkedal and Merideth Garcia all won with between 21-23% of the vote.

The other three candidates got between 11-12%.

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