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Madison police officer resigns after being caught with woman



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MILWAUKEE (AP) — A Wisconsin police lieutenant has resigned after being recorded engaging in sexual activity with a woman in a police car that belonged to the Madison Police Department.

The department announced the resignation of Lt. Reginald Patterson Wednesday as it concluded an investigation into the incident, the Wisconsin State Journal reported. A bystander in September had caught Patterson on camera with the woman in the back of a squad car that was parked outside of a Madison Farm and Fleet store.

The department moved to dismiss Patterson after finding he had violated multiple department policies.

“The recent actions of Lt. Patterson do not align with the mission of the Madison Police Department,” the department said in a statement.

Video of the squad car incident circulated on social media and Patterson was placed on administrative leave.

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office, which investigated the incident, referred no criminal charges, according to the statement.

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