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Head stolen from Hatched Baby statue, which sits outside La Crosse’s police station



It’s just a broken egg now.

The artwork named Hatched Baby is missing the baby, but it did already turn up somewhere.

The statue was vandalized — the head stolen — on almost the three-year anniversary of last time it was messed with.

As of Sunday night, the La Crosse Police Department said it was unsure exactly when the blue head of Hatched Baby went missing. Just that it happened over the weekend.

The insides of Hatched Baby, after the head was stolen over the weekend.

The face of what was a 9-foot tall statue did turn up on social media and, apparently, it’s just lying around somebody’s home.

Two pictures posted on social media show the face propped up against a couch and also lying in what appears to be a laundry room. WIZM is not posting a link to that page, as it is promoting theft and vandalism to increase its media following.

Here’s the egg of Hatched Baby, missing the blue head.

Hatched Baby made its debut behind City Hall and outside the city’s police station on April 4, 2018. It was gifted to the city by German artist Wolfgang Auer. His daughter’s birth was the inspiration. He has made many sculptures of babies with blue skin.

The only other time the baby appears to have been vandalized while in La Crosse was in September of 2018, when someone punched Hatched Baby in the temple.

Police, at the time, said the Baby was not damaged — temporarily dented, perhaps — but the culprit was fined $250. Police said the person, who turned out to be an underage drinker, tried to push, then hit the sculpture.

FILE: What Hatched Baby looked like before being vandalized.

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1 Comment

  1. David hamilton

    September 13, 2021 at 10:04 am

    Someone needed some head. If you lost you head it sucks! It header time!!!!!!

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