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Investigators still trying to determine where La Crosse County victims were leading up to triple homicide



The investigation continues in a triple homicide that occurred in La Crosse County late last week.

Three men in their 20s were murdered near the entrance of a quarry located just north of West Salem on County M.

Names were released Saturday. They are:

  • Peng Lor, 24
  • Trevor J. Maloney, 23
  • Nemo Yang, 24

La Crosse County Sheriff Jeff Wolf said in a statement Sunday photos would be released Monday. Wolf’s media release Monday included the victim’s past mug shots. WIZM will not be running those photos.

The Sheriff’s press release to Facebook was removed, possibly after backlash from those commenting for having used mug shots for the murder victims.

The entrance to the Milestone Materials quarry, looking south down County M toward West Salem.

The statement itself said the victims were likely killed between 2-4:57 a.m. Friday. Investigators are still tracking where the victims were prior to that.

Surveillance footage shows the victims at various businesses in La Crosse on Thursday. Wolf stated Monday the victims were likely staying at the Onalaska Hotel on that Friday and possibly the days before the murders.

Workers called 911 at 4:57 a.m. Friday after discovering the bodies at the entrance to the Milestone Materials quarry.

Since, the La Crosse County Sheriff has said in statements that the victims likely knew who their killer or killers were and that workers at the quarry are not tied to the murders.

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