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Local redistricting committee should be bipartisan



In April of 2019 the La Crosse County Board placed an advisory referendum on the ballot. 77% of voters said yes to non-partisan redistricting.

Now La Crosse County Chair Monica Kruse’s has made her nominations to our County redistricting committee. Not a single Republican has been nominated to the 12 person committee that will draw County Board maps.

There are however many notable Democrats including 94th Assembly Rep. Steve Doyle and two time Democratic candidate for state Senate Tara Johnson.

The La Crosse County Board has given us a rare glimpse into the true motive of local Democrats. They wish to create a system for redistricting that THEY can control.

La Crosse County government is run by partisan Democrats. These actions make clear why a non-partisan approach is a fantasy. A bi-partisan approach is our best hope for fairness. Call Monica and tell her she should include local Republicans on this committee.

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