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La Crosse County’s Coulee COVID-19 Collaborative sites ending updates



The Coulee COVID-19 Collaborative is ending its weekly updates and will no longer provide county-specific guidance for businesses or individuals.

With a widely available vaccine and case rates that continue to fall, the La Crosse County Health Department put out a statement Thursday saying the site would soon redirect users to state and national resources.

La Crosse County has seen 47.9% of its population fully vaccinated, while 53.7% have gotten the first dose. Statewide, 41.5% of the Wisconsin population is fully vaccinated, while 47.4% have gotten the first shot.

The Collaborative between the La Crosse County Health Department, along with Mayo and Gundersen in town, was started in August of 2019.

In the upcoming weeks, CouleeCOVID19.org and CheckTheSpread.org will redirect to state and national
resources that will continue to guide the community.

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