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One suspect in north La Crosse murder to be tried in 2022



Two full calendar years will pass between a shooting death on La Crosse’s north side and the trial of one suspect in the murder. 

Odell Thompson is scheduled to be tried in January of 2022 for his role in the fall 2019 killing of teenager Javier Hall. 

Odell’s cousin Shavonte Thompson is accused of firing the shots that killed Hall near Copeland Park, while Odell reportedly drove him and others to the scene of the crime.  No trial date has been set for Shavonte Thompson. 

Police believe the shooting was the result of a feud between Hall and the Thompson family.  

Because of the pandemic, many jury trials have been delayed for months in La Crosse County. The county’s first jury selection in over a year is scheduled to take place later in May.


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