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Minnesota Senate GOP approves voter ID; state had highest turnout in U.S. in 2020 with no voter fraud cases



FILE - Voting booths in Houston, Minn.

The Republicans-controlled Minnesota state Senate approved a bill requiring voters to present photo identification at the polls.

The bill passed 34-32 along party lines. It is not expected to pass with a Democratic governor and a Democratic-controlled House in the state.

Minnesota has had the highest voter turnout in every presidential election since at least 2004 — 79.96 in 2020, 74.80% in 2016, 76.40% in 2012, 78.10% in 2008 and 78.80% in 2004.

There have been no voter fraud cases in the state since two cases in 2018, according to the Heritage Foundation.

Minnesotans rejected a voter ID constitutional amendment in 2012.

Along with having to show an ID at the polls, the bill requires it be used when casting an absentee ballot. Also, a new provisional ballot system would be created for those unable to produce an ID on Election Day.

New voter ID cards would also be established and given to those who need one.

The House has a companion bill but hasn’t gotten any committee hearings. There are just two weeks left in the session.

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