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Celebrating Earth Day Crafts with Alice in Dairyland

Alice in Dairyland shares fun Earth Day craft ideas recycling dairy containers, and how dairy farm families are committed to sustainability.



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Julia Nunes is the current Alice in Dairyland, an Agriculture Ambassador for the State of Wisconsin. She wants us to feel good about choosing real Wisconsin dairy and continue our dairy farmers’ commitment to the environment by making your own recycled milk carton creations.

She has some great options to reuse your milk cartons as crafts to do with your kiddos or grandkids. Check out her website for directions on how to make hanging baskets, garden tools, bird feeders, and planters from recycled dairy containers.

Nunes spoke with Mike Hayes on La Crosse Talk this week about how we can feel confident choosing real Wisconsin Dairy.

“I want everyone to know that dairy products are responsibly and sustainably produced by dairy farmers. And actually, the carbon footprint of producing one glass of milk is two thirds less than it was 70 years ago. But dairy products still have that great taste and nutritional value that it’s always had,” Nunes said.

Learn more about sustainability on Wisconsin Farms HERE.

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