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Child care budget cuts under fire at Winona State



A budget-cutting decision announced last month by Winona State University has upset many Winona area families who use the children’s center at WSU. 

Seventeen families have sent a letter to the Winona Daily News, protesting the school’s decision to cut all nine teachers from the center, and retain only two teachers. 

The state-run university says the center, providing year-round child care, has posted losses of $150,000 a year. 

Teachers will be allowed to re-apply for their positions for the coming school year, but they would be classified as assistant teachers and would have to work for less, and the rates for families using the center will be increased.         

Instead of nine teachers, the center will employ only two head teachers and assistant teachers. Current employees will have to reapply for their positions and face $15,000 pay cuts as assistant teachers.

WSU staff posted the budget-cutting decision on the university’s website in March.

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