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Mid-West Family La Crosse survey shows people confident a ‘return to normal’ is coming, but unsure when to take off mask



FILE - A lone masks hangs on a coat hook, while a La Crosse bar is packed with maskless customers watching the Packers beat the Rams in the playoffs.

The world is slowly starting to come out of a pandemic.

Vaccinations are increasing and there’s hope that a return to normal is coming sooner than later.

A survey from the Mid-West Family stations shows that people are going out in certain capacities, and the confidence down the road is fairly strong.

About 1,250 people answered seven survey questions having to do with that confidence.

The most interesting result was perhaps the last question, where nearly half of those surveyed were not certain when they’ll feel safe taking off the mask.

Over 60 percent said people should wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 — with nearly 24 percent saying no.

A return to normal was split fairly even, but most (28.3%) said this fall. Second on the list (24.7%) were not certain.

Over 75 percent of those who answered said they’ve patronized a bar or restaurant in the past month — though the question was not specific as to whether that was dine-in or carry-out.

People were also fairly confident about heading to a concert or sporting event both next month and three months from now.

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