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Charlotte’s Bridal adjusts for Wedding World and wedding planning in 2021

Kaitlyn Riley



Photo Courtesy: Charlotte's Bridal

The past wedding season required borrowed patience to avoid the blues, but hope for walking down the aisle is in the air for 2021.

Charlotte’s Bridal in La Crosse has been helping wedding parties adjust during the pandemic with new services.

“We’ve had a lot of brides postpone, but some have done smaller ceremonies as well,” Charlotte’s Bridal Operations Manager Jenn Walker said.

Charlotte’s offered dress storage for those who postponed and adjusted shopping options so brides could still say yes to the dress while following COVID-19 guidelines.

“That way they can have that dream wedding which hopefully can happen this year if not in 2022,” Walker said. “We have limited store capacity to keep everyone safe. The bride is allowed to bring three guests, but we’ve beefed up our internet so we can Zoom everyone in. Everyone gets a Zoom account, or you can Facetime, and we have stands that you can put up in the room, and it is almost like that person is here with you.”

Private appointments are also on the rise.

“That way you’re separated,” Walker said. “You’re a special person for the day. The brides get to have a fun, private room with gifts and mocktails, and Meringue Bakery gives fantastic cupcakes.”

Charlotte’s Bridal continued efforts to guide brides by creating a virtual fashion show that will play at Wedding World at the La Crosse Center March 7. Typically held in January, the event was postponed to respect COVID-19 guidelines and allow more program flexibility.

“We are going to do it in a way that is safe, but we are excited to see all of the brides when they come to Wedding World,” Walker said.

Walker and her team at Charlotte’s Bridal hope the virtual fashion show will present an opportunity to showcase the latest trends and fashion in bridal wear.

“We put as many of the new styles as we possibly could with bride and bridesmaid dresses and menswear, so I think it is going to be really fun,” she said.

As many engaged couples will be planning on a budget, Charlotte’s is offering giveaways with prizes such as $1,000 off a dress or playing Plinko to win a necklace and earring set.

“Especially during the pandemic, I know any little bit of a discount or whatever they can get helps, so we really want to find those brides out there,” Walker said.

Capacity will be limited, but tickets for Wedding World are free and available online. Other exhibitors will be present in categories such as beauty/aesthetics/health, catering and reception venues, entertainment, event planning, health and wellness, photography, and your new life together.

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