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Green Bay man gets 16th OWI, after downing power lines

WIZM staff



A call for downed electrical lines led Green Bay Police to the arrest on a 16th OWI offense.


Police initially got a call that a power line transformer was malfunctioning, but upon arrival was a much different scene.

Sparking lines on the ground were the result of 74-year-old Wallace Bowers’ crash, according to witnesses.

Rescue crews came in to ensure people’s safety, while police blocked traffic.

It sounds like Bowers was not in danger from the power lines, but it’s being recommended he be charged, not only with his 16th OWI, but also resisting arrest. He was booked into Brown County jail.

“I am frankly shocked that someone with fifteen prior OWI arrests is still driving,” Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith said.

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