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Wisconsin Chief Justice upset by attacks from White House, others



The Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court says she is concerned over recent online threats and anti-Semitic attacks against members of the court.

Chief Justice Pat Roggensack released a statement saying “no justice should be threatened or intimidated” based on religious beliefs.

The court recently rejected a lawsuit from President Donald Trump attempting to overturn an election loss to Joe Biden in the battleground state.

Trump took to Twitter this week to blast conservative state Supreme Court Justice Brian Hagedorn after he sided with liberal justices to end Trump’s legal challenges in the swing state’s court.

Justices Jill Karofsky and Rebecca Dallet have also received misogynistic and anti-Semitic attacks online, the Wisconsin State Journal reports.

The newspaper says internet comments called Karofsky, elected this year, a “terrorist” who should die of a heart attack on live TV.

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