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La Crosse County up to 48 COVID-19 deaths — 10 this month



Another COVID-19 death of a La Crosse County resident, along with three other area deaths Wednesday due to the virus.

The La Crosse County Health Department told WIZM that the county death actually happened Tuesday, so there were two deaths that day.

In total, 48 La Crosse County residents have died from the virus — the first one reported July 16. There have been 10 deaths in December and 15 in November. All but one death have been people aged 60 or older. The other death was someone in their 50s.

Wisconsin’s Department of Health did report the state’s youngest virus death on Tuesday — a person under the age of 20.

Also suffering deaths were Vernon, Jackson and Winona counties.

It’s the 29th COVID death in Vernon — the 10th in the past 10 days. For Winona, it’s the 40th death — the seventh in the past 11 days. And, for Jackson, it’s the 10th death — the fourth in the past 10 days.

As for cases, La Crosse added 77 on Wednesday and is now averaging 55.6 cases a day the past week with a 25% positivity rate over that time of those tested.

The county averaged 118 cases a day in November.

After having 16 days with triple-digits cases in November, the county has had four of those in December, and none in the past eight days.

La Crosse did have two more residents hospitalized, bringing that total in December to 46, and 294 total.

Here’s a look at cases and hospitalizations in surrounding counties:
VERNON: 17 new cases (14.0 cases/day past week – 1,388 total – 173 active – 7 hospitalized)
TREMPEALEAU: 20 new cases (17.6 cases/day past week – 2,795 total – 401 active – 15 hospitalized)
MONROE: 32 new cases (25.7 cases/day past week – 3,164 total – 241 active – 9 hospitalized)
JACKSON: 20 new cases (15.1 cases/day past week – 2,114 total – 141 active – 13 hospitalized)
WINONA: 14 new cases (21.9 cases/day past week – 3,345 total)
HOUSTON: 24 new cases (16.8 cases/day past week – 1,029 total)

Wisconsin: 444,798 cases, 19,656 hospitalizations, 4,196 deaths
Minnesota: 386,412 cases, 19,980 hospitalizations, 4,575 deaths
Iowa: 261,602 cases, 3,354 deaths
Wisconsin: 3,248, Minnesota: 3333, Iowa: 1,617
Wisconsin: 134, Minnesota: 167, Iowa: 102
Wisconsin: 44, Minnesota: 67, Iowa: 48

Statewide, Wisconsin added 2,402 cases, 146 hospitalizations and 74 deaths.

Minnesota added 2,779 cases, 195 hospitalizations and 92 deaths. That’s the third-most deaths in a day in Minnesota. The seven highest deaths in a day have all occurred since Nov. 27 — five in the past eight days.

Iowa added 1,950 cases, 95 hospitalizations and 14 deaths. The state has ranged from 1 death in a day to 177 deaths in the past 10 days. There were 127 the past two days combined.

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