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Eighth COVID-19 death this month in La Crosse County



For the second consecutive day, a La Crosse County resident has died from COVID-19.

It’s the 46th overall and eighth death this month. There were 15 COVID-19 deaths in November.

The county added 74 cases Tuesday and is now averaging 55.3 cases per day the past week with a 25.15% positivity rate, according to the state. The Coulee COVID-19 Collaborative dashboard was not updated Tuesday.

In surrounding counties, after seven deaths over the weekend in the region, only Houston suffered another Tuesday, its sixth overall — five of which have come in the past 16 days.

Here’s a look at cases and current hospitalizations in surrounding counties:
VERNON: 14 new cases (14.3 cases/day past week – 1,371 total – 162 active – 7 hospitalized)
TREMPEALEAU: 23 new cases (18.3 cases/day past week – 2,755 total – 416 active – 18 hospitalized)
MONROE: 25 new cases (25.1 cases/day past week – 3,132 total – 213 active – 8 hospitalized)
JACKSON: 16 new cases (14.3 cases/day past week – 2,094 total – 138 active – 14 hospitalized)
WINONA: 15 new cases (26.0 cases/day past week – 3,330 total)
HOUSTON: 9 new cases (15.4 cases/day past week – 1,005 total)

Wisconsin: 442,396 cases, 19,510 hospitalizations, 4,122 deaths
Minnesota: 384,164 cases, 19,785 hospitalizations, 4,483 deaths
Iowa: 259,652 cases, 3,340 deaths
Wisconsin: 3,421, Minnesota: 3,584, Iowa: 1,671
Wisconsin: 144, Minnesota: 170, Iowa: 106
Wisconsin: 45, Minnesota: 66 Iowa: 60

Statewide, Wisconsin added another 3,501 cases, 184 hospitalizations and 54 deaths. The state was averaging 4,262 cases a day the first week of December.

Over the past two weeks, the rolling average number of daily new cases has decreased by 592, a drop of 13%, according to date from Johns Hopkins University. Wisconsin’s death count is the 23rd highest in the country overall and the 31st highest per capita at 75 deaths per 100,000 people, according to Johns Hopkins.

Minnesota added 2,340 cases, 147 hospitalizations and 21 deaths. It’s the lowest number of cases in a day Nov. 1 (2,217).

The state’s cases per day has dropped significantly. It was 5,360 the first week of December.

Iowa added 1,733 cases, 108 hospitalizations and 67 deaths. The state has had back-to-back days with deaths in the 60s but has fluctuated from one death to 177 deaths in a day in the past nine days.

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