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La Crosse adds 48 COVID-19 cases, Winona suffers 6th death in past 5 days



Another 48 cases of COVID-19 in La Crosse County on Sunday, while Winona County suffered its sixth death in the past five days.

For Winona, which added 21 cases Sunday, there have been 39 deaths in total, including 17 in the past 25 days.

For La Crosse, it’s the fifth day under triple-digit cases and eighth time under 100 out of the past nine days. The last time that’s happened was toward the end of October, which had double-digit cases every day except for 110 cases on Oct. 29 and 107 more on Oct. 30.

The county is averaging 62.7 cases a day the past week, after adding another 48 yesterday. The week prior, La Crosse’s average was 101.

Houston County added 11 cases Sunday and is averaging 19.2 cases the past week.

Wisconsin: 436,773 cases, 19,249 hospitalizations, 4,056 deaths
Minnesota: 378,823 cases, 19,535 hospitalizations, 4,444 deaths
Iowa: 256,727 cases, 3,213 deaths
Wisconsin: 3,514, Minnesota: 4,014, Iowa: 1,534.6
Wisconsin: 148, Minnesota: 186, Iowa: 108
Wisconsin: 48, Minnesota 66, Iowa: 70

Statewide, Wisconsin added 2,757 cases, 87 hospitalizations and 15 deaths. The state’s daily death toll has been as low as 15 and as high as 81 in the past week.

Minnesota added 3,439 cases, 108 hospitalizations and 85 deaths. The state has had four of the six highest single-day death tolls in the past five days. The hospitalization total Sunday was the state’s lowest since Nov. 2.

Iowa added 1,079 cases, 76 hospitalizations and one death. State data has shown deaths in a day from one to 177 over the past week, but is averaging the most deaths a day over that time compared to Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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