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Nine COVID-19 deaths out of Coulee Region, including one in La Crosse



Nine COVID-19 deaths Tuesday in the Coulee Region, including one in La Crosse County.

The total comes after there were 17 deaths in the region between Nov. 26-30.

It’s the 37th death of a La Crosse County resident, the 13th since Nov. 1 and 32nd since Oct. 1.

Meanwhile, Trempealeau and Monroe counties each reported three deaths Tuesday, while Winona and Jackson counties suffered one.

For Trempealeau, it’s the 20th death overall — fifth in the past two days and 10th in the past two weeks.

Monroe has 18 total deaths — nine in the past eight days.

Winona now has 31 deaths — nine in the past 13 days.

And for Jackson, the sixth overall. The county last reported three deaths on Nov. 16.

As for cases, La Crosse added 39, which is the lowest total since Nov. 2 (27). Four more county residents were admitted to the hospital Tuesday, bringing that total to 252 — 112 of those since Nov. 1.

The county is averaging 89.4 cases a day the past week, with a positivity rate of 31.4% of that span.

Here’s a look at cases and hospitalizations in surrounding counties:
VERNON: 16 new cases (18.7 cases/day past week – 1,159 total – 335 active – 16 hospitalized)
TREMPEALEAU: 37 new cases (24.0 cases/day past week – 2,424 total – 513 active – 19 hospitalized)
MONROE: 36 new cases (37.0 cases/day past week – 2,713 total – 318 active – 13 hospitalized)
JACKSON: 11 new cases (18.4 cases/day past week – 1,732 total – 215 active – 10 hospitalized)
WINONA: 27 new cases (51.0 cases/day past week – 2,881 total)
HOUSTON: 22 new cases (17.6 cases/day past week – 734 total)

Wisconsin: 391,313 cases, 17,372 hospitalizations, 3,420 deaths
Minnesota: 322,312 cases, 17,111 hospitalizations, 3,614 deaths
Iowa: 233,061 cases, 2,449 deaths
Wisconsin: 3,906, Minnesota: 5,638
Wisconsin: 166, Minnesota: 238
Wisconsin: 44, Minnesota 45

Statewide, Wisconsin added another 4,078 cases, 277 hospitalizations and 107 deaths. It’s just the second time the state has reported over 100 deaths. The last came exactly a week ago, and after the state had reported below-the-average deaths the two days prior.

The 277 hospitalizations is tied for the sixth most in a single day in the state. There are, however, about 66 less hospitalizations a day on average now than a week ago.

The positivity rate for those tested in Wisconsin over the past week is 30.1%.

Minnesota added 3,570 cases — the lowest total since Nov. 3 (3,483). There were also another 320 hospitalizations — only the fifth time ever above 300 — and 22 deaths.

Among Minnesota’s 3,614 total deaths, about 67% were living in long-term care or assisted living facilities — most with underlying health problems.

Iowa added another 2,429 cases, 181 hospitalizations and 22 deaths.

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