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La Crosse, Trempealeau, Monroe suffer multiple COVID deaths this week, as WI, MN, IA continue to set records



More COVID-19 deaths in three area counties, including the fourth death in the past three days of a La Crosse County resident. This, as Wisconsin and Minnesota continue to set daily highs.

La Crosse County residents who have died due to COVID-19.

It’s the 22nd death of a La Crosse County resident since Oct. 1 and 27th overall. Every death has been men or women aged 80 and older.

La Crosse also added 139 cases — the fourth consecutive day over 100. The only other time that’s happened was a five-day run in mid-September when college students came back to campus.

Two more county residents were hospitalized, bringing the total to 152. That total was 140 a week ago.

Along with La Crosse, for the third time this week both Trempealeau and Monroe suffered another COVID-19 death. It’s the 12th overall in Monroe and eighth in Trempealeau.

Here’s a look at the case/hospitalization stats from surrounding counties:
VERNON: 26 new cases (15.7 cases/day past week – 641 total – 146 active – 6 hospitalized)
JACKSON: 22 new cases (34 cases/day past week – 835 total – 273 active – 5 hospitalized)
TREMPEALEAU: 48 new cases (33 cases/day past week – 1,337 total – 353 active – 6 hospitalized)
MONROE: 41 new cases (40.3 cases/day past week – 1,539 total – 366 active – 6 hospitalized)
WINONA: Single-day high 59 new cases (34.6 cases/day past week – 1,606 total – no other info available)
HOUSTON: 17 new cases (10.4 cases/day past week – 303 total – no other info available)

Wisconsin: 256,065 cases, 12,554 hospitalizations, 2,256 deaths
Minnesota: 170,307 cases, 11,193 hospitalizations, 2,591 deaths
Iowa: 146,267 cases, 1,828 deaths
Wisconsin: 5,139, Minnesota: 3,561, Iowa: 2,828
Wisconsin: 201, Minnesota: 153, Iowa: 140
Wisconsin: 41, Minnesota: 22, Iowa: 16

Statewide, Wisconsin broke the daily case record for the third time in four days, hitting 6,141 — the first time ever over 6,000. The state added 244 to the hospitals and 62 more have died. Both of those numbers are the second-highest daily totals the state has ever had.

Wisconsin hospitals are at 89% capacity with 1,257 immediate beds available. There are currently 1,787 COVID-19 patients — 572 on ventilators, 385 in the ICU.

Minnesota has never had cases in the 4,000s. But it did set a a single-day high Friday with 5,454 — breaking the single-day high for the fourth consecutive day.

The state also had its most deaths ever from the virus in a day (36), along with 177 more hospitalized.

After having over 5,000 cases for the first time ever, Iowa added another 2,827 more on Friday, along with 165 hospitalizations — a single-day record — and 14 deaths.

For the first time in 13 days, the total number of people hospitalized in the state went down some. It is now at 901, after peaking Thursday at 912. There were 541 people hospitalized Oct. 24.

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