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Customer creates scene at Pizza Doctors in downtown La Crosse

Rick Solem



Usually these scenes are about wearing masks — or not wearing one.

This one though, from the Pizza Doctors in downtown La Crosse on Wednesday, is just a little different.

The pizza place posted about an incident with a woman, who ignored a sign in place that children 10 and under aren’t allowed at the buffet.

The restaurant wrote, “So Tuesday night a woman and her SIX YEAR OLD daughter came in for dinner. Right away the little girl is at the salad bar.

One of our employees points out the sign and asks mom to have the little girl wait at the table.

Mom’s response was to start swearing at the employee (great role model for her daughter).

I’ve seen several restaurant posts asking customers (in a nice way) to follow the safety guidelines. Obviously that doesn’t work.

So I’d like to put it in terms those customers might understand. If you’re not going to follow the rules, and your going to be a (jerk), STAY HOME! It will make the rest of us much happier, and much safer.”

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