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Statewide solution to coronavirus not needed




As I see it … I’m Bill Feehan with the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

Democrats continue to criticize Republicans in the Legislature for not enacting a statewide response to COVID-19. You won’t be seeing a statewide solution from Republicans, we believe that responses should be based upon local conditions. It’s pretty easy to see that rural Wisconsin has not been impacted the way cities like Madison and Milwaukee have been.

Responsibility for policies dealing with COVID-19 rests with our county government and the Board of Health. In March the La Crosse County Board, which is dominated by Democrats, voted to give up its legislative power to two unelected bureaucrats: County Administrator Steve O’Malley and County Health Director Jen Rombalski. Local Democrats have dodged responsibility for dealing with this disease.  

Meanwhile, our governor continues to issue illegal orders that offer a one-size-fits-all approach for our state. Isn’t it ironic that the governor, who is crushing small businesses now, wants to spend $100 million to bail out those same small businesses?

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