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Seven months into pandemic, who do we listen to — mom, dad or grandpa?

Dave Carney



Since the very beginning of this pandemic, I’ve noticed one thing — we could fill a library with what we don’t know about COVID-19. I’m not a scientist, I’m not a doctor but I can tell that the doctors and scientists had a hard time grappling with this at first. That should have told us something — it wasn’t going to be easy, or go away mysteriously, or vanish in the wind. This is a problem that requires serious consideration, serious deliberation and a reduction of partisanship, so that we can come up with a consensus plan to get better. Imagine being in a household where mom says one thing, dad says another thing, grandpa comes in, overrides them both, and leaves the parents with their arms raised wondering what just happened. That is what we’re going through right now. To be clear I have absolutely no answers about what to do in this situation. What the best advice is? I couldn’t tell you. What I can tell
you is that what’s going on now, ain’t working. Whoever it is that can come up with the best, and most robust information about COVID — and I’m thinking it’s probably the state and federal government, needs to set some guidelines. Make them guidelines that can be implemented in states across the country — or at least states — based upon need and resources. Make them scale-able, make them understandable and make them a consensus. If we’ve got any hope of getting out of this thing, getting our kids back to playing sports, our colleges back to what they love to do, and help businesses understand what they’re dealing with, we’re going to be in for a long haul.

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1 Comment

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    August 26, 2020 at 6:28 am

    I really want to know why people can’t be allowed to take the risks they want. We know COVID can make you extremely ill, take your life. This being fact why can’t we decide if we want to go into public and expose ourselves. You say because it exposes others. So does every other thing we do, driving, walking, and any other activity. Is the risk that much worse with this? We know that eating poorly will have bad influences on your health, but we still do it. What makes COVID so much worse? You as an individual have to decide what risks you are willing to take in your life and figure out how to mitigate them. We will either get through this or not. Either way that answer is in the future and so is life. Go live it.

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