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Understanding “different viewpoints” on mandate, Monroe County sheriff says office won’t enforce Wisconsin mask order



The Monroe County Sheriff is the latest in elected officials that enforce the law to come out saying he won’t enforce a mask order.


Sheriff Wes Revels said Friday his office understands the different viewpoints regarding the mandate.

The sheriff’s office won’t “participate in the enforcement of wearing a mask or be spending our resources on civil complaints regarding the wearing of masks,” Revels said in a statement.

Revels also said don’t call his office to report people for not wearing a mask, as his deputies won’t respond or investigate.

Revels added they want everyone to be safe in their daily lives.

Monroe County added 12 cases of COVID-19 on Thursday and has had 203 total, including one death. Currently, there are three residents hospitalized due to the virus. Wisconsin, Thursday, set a new daily record with over 1,000 cases — the fourth time in nine days in the thousands.

Revels, who defeated Jeff Schwanz in the 2018 elections to become sheriff, overcame plagiarizing on his campaign website, taking paragraphs directly from a Maryland sheriff’s website from four years prior.

La Crosse County’s sheriff came out with a similar statement.

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