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Minnesota launches ‘Safe Learning Plan’ to reopen schools



State officials in Minnesota have announced their plan to get schools open in the fall, while giving districts the flexibility to decide how classes will be taught. 

Under the ‘Safe Learning Plan,’ schools in Houston and Fillmore Counties could allow in-person teaching in all their buildings, based on current COVID-19 levels. 

In Winona County, secondary schools would have a combination of classroom and on-line instruction.  

The commissioner of education for Minnesota, Mary Cathryn Ricker, says the state and local officials will be able to change teaching plans quickly based on where the virus hits the hardest.    

A few counties in southwest Minnesota will start with distance learning only.

State officials reserved the right to step in if the coronavirus gets out of control in a particular district.

Gov. Tim Walz acknowledged the importance of schools and the value of in-person learning, but said the state’s top priority is safety.

Districts will work with the state Health and Education departments to determine whether to use in-person instruction, online learning or a hybrid model.

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