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It’s Not the Maps

Bill Feehan



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Wisconsin Democrats and their liberal friends continue to advance the idea that Republican’s “Gerrymandered” political maps to gain control of the legislature. Even though the US Supreme Court ruled the maps are legal.

The facts just don’t support this misleading storyline. Republicans surged to power in November of 2010 taking both houses of the legislature and the Governor’s office. Wisconsin voters elected 60 Republicans to the state Assembly, up from 45 seats. This historic win happened BEFORE Republicans drew the current maps.

In November of 2018 Tony Evers won southwest Wisconsin, but voters also chose three Republican Reps and a Republican State Senator. Lines on a map can’t explain this situation.

Democrats’ solution to this made up problem is a non-partisan commission. The Wisconsin Elections Commission shows just how bad this would be.

Democrats on this commission refuse to follow state law and remove 240,000 people who have moved from the voting rolls. This case continues in state courts.

The Democrats case is laughable, but continued use of this false narrative isn’t very funny. It is intended to convince voters that Republican somehow cheated to gain control of our government.

I’m Bill Feehan Chairman of Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District Republican Party

Bill’s comment is in response to Scott Robert Shaw People, not politicians, should redraw…

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