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The Monarch Public House Roast Beef



My Aunts’ Roast Beef

We use a mixture of a small chuck roast and the much larger top inside round roast. The chuck provides the fat a top round does not have and the more expensive round does not get soggy and clump together.

In a crock pot add 1-2″ of water, then add the  roasts, cut into smaller chunks to fit. Season with powdered ranch dressing and Uncle Joe’s Seasoning Mix. As that is made for us by a local individual and not available on the market, use a healthy blending of things you like on beef: salt, pepper, garlic, onion etc. My aunt always included onions, but that was just our taste. Cook on low for as long as it takes to get all meat completely cooked and tender, then separate/shred using two forks.  Make sure to cover with the juice as much as possible and let it refrigerate (covered) overnight. Heat and serve as sandwiches or a main meal with or over potatoes (See Irish Champ Mashed Potatoes).

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