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The Monarch Public House Dublin Coddle



A quick and hearty meal that can be lunch or dinner depending on what you add as a side. Best with a thick slice of bread and butter..we use Castlerock Sourdough and Kerrygold butter. Makes a great breakfast with a side of eggs or topped on the mix and toasted sourdough! Pretty simple.

Cut bacon into 2 inch strips/chunks and fry. Integrate thick sliced onion and banger sausage chunks using the bacon grease to cook. Use last nights’ potatoes, sliced and add to heat at the end. Integrate or under the covering of the mixture.  Personally, I like a little fried cabbage in this too, but again, your taste.

I serve this as a special and once had someone ask for ketchup without even a taste first. Kick that person out the door and if family, disavow and disinherit. Do NOT leave salt and pepper shakers on the table!

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