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La Crosse County reports multiple cases for fifth consecutive day, and eighth overall



For the eighth consecutive day, La Crosse County has reported at least one new case of COVID-19.

The county health department reported two cases Saturday, bringing the total to 70, with 52 considered recovered and nobody currently hospitalized.

Over these past eight days, the county has had 17 cases, including multiple cases in the past five days. The only other time multiple cases were reported on even back-to-back days was May 13-14 with nine total — what was quite an an outlier for the county. At one point, La Crosse had zero cases for 13 consecutive days (April 11-23).

The county had never seen even a single case for more than four consecutive days, which happened once (March 24-26 — 10 total cases, including five on March 24). March 21 was the first day La Crosse County started reporting cases. There were five that day.

Since those days, the county has never had more than three consecutive days of cases, which happened three times (March 29-31 — 4 cases, April 8-10 — 3 cases and May 2-4 — 4 cases).

Winona County reported two new cases and is now up to 83 total.

No other counties reported cases Saturday.

Wisconsin: 20,571 cases, 645 deaths
Minnesota: 27,501 cases, 1,170 deaths
Iowa: 21,527 cases, 602 deaths

Statewide, Wisconsin reported 322 new cases and 12 deaths. The state has averaged 8.1 deaths the past seven days. The seven days prior to that, Wisconsin averaged 11.6 deaths from the virus.

In Minnesota, there were 526 new cases and 22 deaths Saturday. The state has suffered over 20 deaths in eight of the past 11 days, including in the 30s four of those days.

Iowa reported 345 new cases and eight deaths.

Neither Wisconsin, Minnesota nor Iowa have any pattern to the number of new cases per day.

The 526 cases in Minnesota is a significant drop from Friday’s 712. The state has been as low as 300 and as high as 840 in the past 16 days.

Wisconsin has been over 300 cases for nine of the past 11 days, including between 483-733 cases on six of those days. But two other days, Wisconsin reported 173 and 140 cases.

Iowa has reported as many as 659 cases and as few as 127 cases in the past four days.

Worldwide, there are 6.9 million cases and 399,785 reported deaths from COVID-19, according to John Hopkins data. The U.S. has 28 percent of the world’s cases and 27 percent of its deaths from the virus. Here’s a look at the countries with the most in each category.


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