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La Crosse County gets 2 more COVID cases on Sunday



The number of COVID-19 cases in La Crosse County has surpassed 30 during the weekend. 

As of Sunday afternoon, 32 people in the county had tested positive for coronavirus, with two new cases reported since Saturday. 

Twenty-six people have recovered, and there are still no COVID deaths on record in La Crosse County. 

Winona County reports one new case since Thursday, to bring its total to 67. 

The death toll in the county has remained at 15 since late last week. 

Minnesota has reported exactly 100 new deaths from COVID-19 in the last four days. 

The total has been at least 24 deaths every day since April 30th, and the grand total is 419 deaths from 6600 cases. 

By comparison, Wisconsin has recorded 31 deaths in the same 4-day period, with a total of 339. 

The Badger State total of COVID cases could pass 8000 on Monday. 

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