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Minnesota has worst day with Winona County death toll up to five; La Crosse adds one more case of COVID-19



La Crosse County added one more case Thursday to its COVID-19 total, while Winona County recorded its fifth death from the virus.

Winona has had three people from its 20 total cases die in the past two days. Nobody has died yet in La Crosse County from COVID-19.

The five who died in Winona County were between 76 to 100 years old.

So far, La Crosse County has had a total of 25 cases, though 17 no longer have to be isolated. Two of those 25 had to be hospitalized but the county has none at this moment.

Overall, Wisconsin saw its number of cases jump by 129.

The death toll in the state increased by 12 to 111 from 2,885 total cases — 843 of which were hospitalized (29%), 1,468 were never hospitalized (51%). There are also 574 cases where the state doesn’t know if they were hospitalized (20%).

The numbers for blacks, who have contracted the virus in Wisconsin, are staggering. Of those 2,285 cases, 772 of them are black (27%). But, of the 111 deaths, 49 of them are black (44%).

Meanwhile, Minnesota saw its biggest one-day death toll (11), bringing that total to 50. The median age of those deaths is 87.

The state added 88 more cases for 1,242 total, as well as 22 more hospitalizations (293 total — 145 in ICUs).

The racial disparity happening in Wisconsin doesn’t appear to be happening in Minnesota. Eight percent of the 1,242 cases are black with four being deaths (2 percent).

Houston County still only has one COVID-19 case.

Olmsted County added six more cases for a 114 total, including two deaths.

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1 Comment

1 Comment


    April 10, 2020 at 10:38 am

    That was a much more clear explanation of the racial disparity in the death percentages. Statistics are always tricky when you are trying to give an accurate report and these numbers are easier to understand. And I sincerely hope a solution is found to mitigate ALL covid-19 cases. I wonder if part of the problem is not seeking health care soon enough? Or not meeting the requirements for testing? I know two people with high fevers (over 103) who were denied covid-19 testing in LaCrosse, one ended up with pneumonia, the other went to a different hospital for testing and is waiting results.
    Thanks for keeping us informed.

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