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Not all learning occurs in a classroom




With schools canceled, our children now have lots of time on their hands. It is not clear when students will be back to school. That could lead to a brain-drain, with kids brains going dormant until they get back into a classroom. But there are still plenty of opportunities for kids to learn. Some teachers are giving their students assignments for this unexpected break. But not all learning has to occur in a classroom. This could be a good time to teach our young ones a thing or two. Like how to sew on a button, how to change a flat tire, or balance a checkbook. How to be kind and considerate.Things people should know, but don’t typically learn in school. This unplanned break may also give our kids an opportunity to do some good. For example, many nursing homes are not allowing visitors in lieu of the coronavirus outbreak. Residents there are likely lonely and missing some interaction. Perhaps our young kids could start some art projects, like drawing or painting pictures. Then they could mail those pictures to area nursing homes and that would certainly brighten the day of residents there. Even with schools closed, there are still lots of opportunities for kids to learn, and some of the best lessons aren’t always taught in the classroom.

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