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Thanks to those working to keep us safe




The threat of the coronavirus is real, and it is scary to many people. These seem like desperate times. But we also should pause and recognize the hard work that many people are doing to keep us all safe. Hospitals are preparing for an influx of patients as the virus continues to spread rapidly, and working to make sure they have enough beds. Many school districts have canceled classes, but to prevent food insecurity, they are handing out free meals which people can pick up without having to get out of their cars. Many businesses are telling workers to stay home if possible, but our federal government has now approved sick pay for those who would lose income by staying home. Hospitals are limiting the number of visitors who can come to the hospital to see them. Prisons and jails are doing the same. Many companies and governments are limiting non-essential travel. These are good precautions that will help slow the spread of the coronavirus. But most experts predict things will get worse before they get better. If just five percent of Wisconsin’s population of 6 million people get infected, that would be 300,000 people in the Badger state with the virus. And that percentage could be much higher. But take comfort in knowing that smart decisions are now being made to contain the spread, and that many people are working hard to ensure we stay healthy and safe.

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