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What to do with all this time on our hands




So many of us now find ourselves with plenty of time on our hands. The coronavirus outbreak has busted up our routines. Many are not going to work, or school and we’re avoiding large crowds. Many events like concerts and plays and conventions are cancelled anyway. So, what to do with ourselves? Netflix and chill will be a popular choice. It may be a good time to binge those programs we never got to. Or listen to the radio, staying entertained and informed. Perhaps it would be a good time to finally clean under the stove, or start a painting project. These are all things we can do to promote social distancing but still keep busy. It would be a good time to finally do that bunion surgery you’ve been putting off. You won’t be missing anything while you recover. Day trips to neighboring communities keep you isolated while keeping you entertained. I still have a book I’m looking to finish, so reading is another option. Depending on how long this lasts, we may be able to get to all of these things. These are just a few ways to keep busy when there is little to do. Feel free to share your plans for your suddenly idle hands.

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